Metal Barre’s purpose is to satisfy the user’s most specific needs regarding metals and plastics.

Metal Barre’s key to success is its wide range in terms of quality, thicknesses and dimensions, together with the constant monitoring of availabilities in order to guarantee deliveries in only 24-72 hours.

With a view to constantly improve its offer in Italy, Metal Barre strives to stay ahead of new trends and optimize its processes, as well as to provide services which go beyond mere production. The wide range of goods and the accurate logistic support are clear evidence of this.


Over the years, Metal Barre has strenghtened its business relationships with an extended net of logistics partners who are reliable and punctual in delivering all over italy. According to the kind of order and needs, we are able to find the best logistic solution or to arrange for pick up by the customer. Resources dedicated to stock management coordinate the product supply and guarantee the greatest flexibility.

Our customers choose Metal Barre because we make the difference in the market: expecially regarding product quality, but also our excellent technical support, indispensible for working with our customers on development of new products.

Over the years the company has gained an great experience in the metal sector, finding its specialization in commercializing bronze and cast iron semi-finished products.


The main product areas are:

  • Continuous casting extruded and spun bronze
    • tin bronzes, leaded bronzes, aluminium bronzes
    • bars available in several shapes: round, full section and hollow, squared, rectangular, hexagonal, special shapes
    • cut to size
    • we custom-make items according to drawings
  • Continuous casting and spun cast iron
    • quality g25 – gs400/12 – gs500/7 – gs600/3
    • bars of different shapes: round, squared, rectangular
    • cut to size for small and large series
    • perforation, milling, peeling
  • Aluminium, brass, copper, plastics

The ample availability in stock and the wide set of measures enable us to fulfil every order fast. Metal Barre’s added value is represented by the cut-to-size service: we have technologically advanced machinery, and the possibility of cutting the requested material straight in our headquarters, in any size, as well as for small or large series. In this way the final user can drastically reduce his stock of raw material.

It’s important to underline that every reference we propose is in compliance with european and international norms and it comes from certified european producers.

We constantly test the quality of materials entering our stock, in order to ensure compliance with the current regulations: chemical analysis is carried out using an optical spectometer, whilst a technologically advanced durometer tests brinell hardness. The quality guarantee and the complete traceability of the materials sold are an essential feature of the Metal Barre service. We are so confident about our quality standards that we have at your disposal third party laboratories and analysis centres to perform any kind of test and support materials with an additional certification.



Our aim is to make Metal Barre the ideal partner by providing our customers with a new quality standard, by a tailor made service.


Safety and strict quality standards for the materials we use: Metal Barre’s philosophy is inspired by the best practices adopted by the best international competition. This is why we believe metal barre is exaclty what you are looking for: we are the ideal partner to support you in your export business with all the specific challenges it brings.

Metal Barre already works beyond Italy’s borders, creating new partnerships and achieving positive results and great feedback. Our success to date is proof that our approach is the right one: extremely high quality standards and fully guaranteed service for our customers. This top-quality approach has enabled us to become leaders in the italian market and an invaluable partner for international markets.